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Continuing Education for Teachers

My name is Stephanie Mitchell, and I want to thank you for stopping by my website. I’ve been teaching second grade for 18 years now. I love my career and enjoy keeping up with the changes in the school system and educational materials. If you are a teacher, you know that we are required to have a certain amount of continuing education. I’ll admit that not all of it is fun, but it is necessary. The most fun I’ve had where continuing education is concerned is taking courses on my own. You can find professional courses in all core subjects, behavioral courses, assessment courses, classroom management, fun classes like art, and more. I’ve taken some courses online and some in a local classroom setting. I’m going to share more about my continuing education courses, and hope that my positive experiences will be encouraging to you.

How To Save Money When Your Teen Starts Driving

As a parent, you know that the kids get more expensive each year. By the time they are teenagers, their clothing, electronics and hobbies become more expensive than they were during the elementary school years. Once they start driving, it may seem as though your money is running through an open faucet. Between higher auto insurance costs, gasoline and maybe even an additional car, you're spending more than ever. Check out this list of ways to save money even once your teenager starts driving. Read More 

3 Reasons For Non-Catholic Families To Consider Catholic Schools

Choosing a school for your children is a big deal. The school that you choose for them is where they'll spend the better part of their waking hours for roughly half the days in the year, for years and years. Their experiences in school will shape their lives in too many ways to predict. There are so many options to choose from that it can be hard to decide. Public schools, charter and magnet schools, religious and non-religious private schools, and even homeschooling are all options that may be on your radar. Read More 

5 Trade School Options That Offer Flexible Career Opportunities

If you're someone who is not inclined to spend at least four years in a traditional college setting to carve out a career for yourself, there are many awesome trade school options to consider that won't drain your bank account like traditional college has a tendency to do, or require a long term commitment. Many options give you the flexibility to follow a variety of different career paths too – here are five educational avenues to consider: Read More 

3 Signs That Your Child’s Preschool Is Too Stressful

Many parents are surprised to learn that preschoolers can experience both acute and long-term stress that can have negative affects on their development and health. If you are bathing feeding, and dressing your tyke, what do they have to be stressed about? Actually, a lot of things. Understanding how the world works, separating from you as they grow up, and being unable to communicate their needs and feelings can be stressful. Read More 

Trying To Decide What To Do? 3 Reasons You Might Love A Career In HVAC

Nothing is quite like the pressure of trying to decide where to work for the rest of your life. Although you might have family members trying to talk you into pursuing that boring accounting degree, it's important to think about which career path is right for you. Here are three reasons you might love a career in HVAC, and why you shouldn't let anyone talk you out of becoming your own boss: Read More