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Continuing Education for Teachers

My name is Stephanie Mitchell, and I want to thank you for stopping by my website. I’ve been teaching second grade for 18 years now. I love my career and enjoy keeping up with the changes in the school system and educational materials. If you are a teacher, you know that we are required to have a certain amount of continuing education. I’ll admit that not all of it is fun, but it is necessary. The most fun I’ve had where continuing education is concerned is taking courses on my own. You can find professional courses in all core subjects, behavioral courses, assessment courses, classroom management, fun classes like art, and more. I’ve taken some courses online and some in a local classroom setting. I’m going to share more about my continuing education courses, and hope that my positive experiences will be encouraging to you.

5 Trade School Options That Offer Flexible Career Opportunities

If you're someone who is not inclined to spend at least four years in a traditional college setting to carve out a career for yourself, there are many awesome trade school options to consider that won't drain your bank account like traditional college has a tendency to do, or require a long term commitment. Many options give you the flexibility to follow a variety of different career paths too – here are five educational avenues to consider:

Aviation School

Not only is an aviation career financially rewarding, it can be a source of excitement and adventure that keeps your job from getting stale. Choosing a career path in the aviation field can also provide you with the opportunity to visit exotic places and interesting landmarks around the world. You can expect to learn a range of things in aviation college, from the technology behind various aircrafts to taking command of long distance flights. Some of the career options available to you upon completion of your education include:

  • Military service.
  • Private jet setting.
  • Commercial airline piloting.
  • Stunt entertainment.

You can also sell services to the public, such as flying congratulatory banners at specific locations or providing scenic flights over popular cities.

Culinary School

If you enjoy working with food, you may find it exciting to fine tune your skills and use them in the food industry. Through culinary school you will gain some insight into food and flavor combining, dish presentation, and proper tool utilization. Here are some of the career paths you can take advantage of:

  • Heading up a kitchen in a restaurant.
  • Owning a food truck or café.
  • Running a catering business.
  • Training cooks for specific kitchen work.

With a clear understanding of how trained chefs prepare food, you can even use your culinary education to work as a food critic if you're so inclined.

Bartending School

You don't have to enjoy the nightlife in order to create a rewarding career as a bartender. Bartending trade schools can be completed in a matter of months, and many help with job placement to get your feet wet as soon as you've earned your graduation certificate. After learning various mixology methods you can use your skills to create many careers such as:

  • A special events bartender.
  • A beer and wine developer.
  • A liquor brand promoter.

It's also possible to create a network with caterers in your area to provide the refreshment aspects of their businesses.

Cosmetology School

Getting into the cosmetology industry is a great way to help others look and feel their best. Many schools offer an opportunity to make a little money by working at a student stylist after your basic educational needs have been met. This will give you some experience before getting started with your career. There are many career paths to move into such as:

  • Personal celebrity makeup artistry.
  • Wedding makeup or hair servicing.
  • Hair salon management.

You can also work with a portrait studio (or start your own!) and offer styling services for those who want a polished and professional look.

Graphic Design School

There is a lot of demand for graphic designers because of the need for business and brands to make a presence both on and off the Internet. You'll find that the design skills you learn help you to create your own business presence if you decide to work for yourself in the industry. Many interesting career options are available for graphic designers including:

  • Website design.
  • Logo, letterhead, and banner design.
  • Apparel design.

There is no reason that you cannot start a graphic design service offering all of these options and more.

Whether you decide to start your own business or work for an established or startup company, these trade school options will prepare you for the responsibilities and rewards that are ahead of you.